Afaaq Offers Unique Residential Units At “Hathee Misr” Exhibition

Afaaq For Development and Real Estate Investment takes part in “hathee Misr-هذي مصر”, which launched today in Jeddah, K.S.A., and until October 28th. Offering unique residential units in their new projects Amorada 1&2, located at the best part of New Cairo.

Aligned with Afaaq’s vision to encourage local real estate sales outside of Egypt, including Saudi Arabia, catering to the needs of customers of all nationalities.

“Unwind amidst a breathtaking fusion of Nature’s wonders, where each meticulous detail entices residents to indulge in an exceptional living experience.”


An extraordinary world, a sanctuary reserved exclusively for those who appreciate the finest things in life. Step into this prestigious community, where modern architectural wonders seamlessly blend with flourishing green spaces, creating an atmosphere that inspires and elevates every moment.

Here, you are not merely a resident; you are an esteemed guest in an ambiance where luxury, bespoke services, and impeccable attention to detail redefine what it means to truly live with distinction. With great honour and warmth, we extend an exquisite welcome to you as you embrace the unparalleled life that Amorada Park View offers, where every expectation is surpassed, and a world of refined elegance awaits.