An Eventful Year

Fully occupied and operational already, residents of Amorada New Cairo are living the life! Now that families and neighbors are getting closer to each other, we have already celebrated many occasions and shared several moments together.

Starting New Year’s Eve, and all along through Ramadan, Easter, summer, and back-to-school events, the spirit of Amorada was present among residents who gathered in the premises to share many joyful moments.

Two years ago, our first community started to flourish in New Cairo. Two years later, it’s still buzzing with activities and excitement! Here’s a recap of what happened.

It’s worth mentioning that choosing Amorada was a smart choice, given the high standards of communities built by Afaaq. With a record two-year delivery date -starting in 2018, and delivered in 2020- residents were able to move in and start a new chapter of life in a glimpse.
Step by step since day one, events and activations are becoming a recreational essential in Amorada, a moment not to miss, with plans already afoot for the next year.

We’re so excited! We are happy to be a part of such a great community, reinforcing Afaaq’s vision to create communities that are vivid, lively, and cozy for its customers. Not customers but rather new members of the big family of Amorada.


An extraordinary world, a sanctuary reserved exclusively for those who appreciate the finest things in life. Step into this prestigious community, where modern architectural wonders seamlessly blend with flourishing green spaces, creating an atmosphere that inspires and elevates every moment.

Here, you are not merely a resident; you are an esteemed guest in an ambiance where luxury, bespoke services, and impeccable attention to detail redefine what it means to truly live with distinction. With great honour and warmth, we extend an exquisite welcome to you as you embrace the unparalleled life that Amorada Park View offers, where every expectation is surpassed, and a world of refined elegance awaits.